Join the MLS

GAR owns and manages the Galveston MLS – an independent Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is overseen by an MLS Executive Committee, elected annually by the Brokers that participate in the MLS. The committee sets and enforces the MLS Rules & Regulations and Policies and work closely with association staff to ensure MLS Data is accurate.  MLS subscriptions are quarterly and not pro-rated. Association membership is not mandatory to subscribe to the MLS, however for an agent to subscribe it is required that the designated broker subscribe.
Our data is syndicated to over 90 external sites, like RPR, and NAVICA® has a great mobile app, and it’s free for MLS subscribers. This allows you to pull up listings and information straight from your mobile device and includes location-based instant look-up. Additionally, all Galveston MLS members can list their commercial properties on NAVICA® with NO additional fees!